April Highlights

Hello everybody!  April is over and now it is time to see how I have done.  I haven’t made as many purchases as I would have liked, but I have been busy helping a sick family member.   Additionally, I spent some time investigating a rental property, which slowed down my purchases.

Once again, my month has been rather uneventful investing wise.  Which is pretty great to say the least.

Roth Activity

This account is fully invested and the positions are dripped.

No action here (sells then buys).


I made one additional purchase of TROW price (15 shares @ ~78). I should have bought a larger position when I began collecting this company in March.

I have been wanting to make one purchase every two weeks, but I slowed down a little bit while I investigated a rental property.   I may end up doing 2-3 purchases in May.


This month 6 companies gave me a raise.

Company Raise
JNJ 7.1
KMI 9.1 (YTD)
OHI 3.8 (YTD)
PG 3
UL 6
XOM 5.8

KMI and OHI having continued the streaks of raising the dividend a penny a quarter.  KMI raised it 3 cents and is on pace for $2 a share by the end of the year.   I am a little disappointed that PG gave me such a low raise, but they are in the middle of selling off a few brands, so we will see how that goes.  XOM gave me about what I expected with the current market environment.

Dividends Earned

During April I collected $343.56 in dividends, a YoY increase of 38%.

$1677.85 of $5750 (29.2%).

My dividends are higher than they would have been if OHI hadn’t given a prorated dividend after the AVIV acquisition.

Forward Dividends

At the start of the month, my 12 month forward dividend was $5305.32 and ended up at $5401.51.  My future income is 35% higher than this time last year.

My goal is to increase this to $6100 (increase of ~1339).  I am 644.85 of 1339 or 48% of the way there.

Fitness Goals

I gave up running a mile everyday last month and have still been dealing with a strained calf (although I think it is now in the IT band).  Good times!

Squatting/Deadlifting is going well and on track.


Another month of watching paint dry, but the more I think about it, the more I realize the hobbies I like most tend to require long term commitment with small incremental progress overtime.

Have a great May!

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned.

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