March Mid-month update

March has been full of activity.  I have been busy with snow, cutting down trees, taxes, learning Spanish, researching ideas and I haven’t been reading many blogs! I realized that when I checked out my RSS reader and had over 600 items to read!  It’s crazy how much content is produced in a few short weeks.  Unfortunately, aside from skimming a few topics, when my backlog gets that high I just hit “Mark all as read” and move on.

The weather is supposed to be amazing the next few weeks, so I can’t say I expect to be inside on the computer.

Buys so far

I have been watching the market fairly closely and a few companies that I had interest in purchases where close enough to my buy price that I felt adding some additional shares was warranted.   On March 7th, I made two purchases:

T. Rowe Price (TROW):  This company has been paying a dividend for 20+ years, has a fantastic balance sheet (no debt! which I love) and have a very low cash flow payout ratio(~40%).  They sell mutual funds and manage assets.  It would appear they have been rather popular and several bloggers I follow have bought shares over the last few weeks.  So I guess I am in good company!  Take are read at Dividend Mantra for a solid breakdown of their business.

Baxter International (BAX):  BAX is right around my original entry point and I felt that it was a good a time as any to add to it.  I have been building out my healthcare allocation over the last few buys.  Along with my purchase of JNJ, I still feel a bit under represented in healthcare and I would like to add an additional company or two to the rolls.  No need to get too concentrated in one or two companies!

That’s it for now

Just a short update today.  I have to practice some Spanish now!

¡Hasta luego!

Disclaimer: Long BAX, TROW

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