January Highlights

January proved to be a fruitful month for me.  I made some investments, crossed some goals off the list and watched as a variety of news hit the various companies I have ownership in.

A few themes that have emerged during earnings season are the appreciation of the US dollar and the concern for Oil. Several companies I own (PM, MSFT, PG) have had issues with currency impacts to EPS.   This doesn’t worry me overall, the dollar rises and falls over time.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind a few shorter minded folks to sell out of these shares and allow me to pick up a few at cheaper prices.  I am looking specifically at JNJ and PG.

I am having a hard time not pulling the trigger on more Oil stocks.  I have XOM and CVX on my mind and may end up buying more or each depending on how earnings go.  Both of these are investments I am willing to hold for a long time, so maybe a bad earnings report would make me happy right now…

Roth Purchases

As described earlier, I fully funded my ROTH for the year.  I made these purchases near the beginning of the month and apparently that was right before REITs decided to take off.  DLR, O and OHI have returned ~12, ~15.5 and ~15 percent so far this year.  That’s pretty nuts for any asset class, unfortunately I am not sure these can be considered bargains.  I am planning on holding off for the time being on adding to my REIT positions.

New Purchases

About a week ago I added another 22 shares of EMR to the family.  I have been reading over EMRs recent results and I am pretty pleased overall with their performance and direction. The ~9% recent raise didn’t hurt either.  EMR is currently at a better price than my purchase and if it falls to the low 50s, I will probably add another 20ish shares.

In my Loyal3 account I had $19 and used an additional $50 out of the spending budget (I talked myself down from $100) to invest in UL.  This bought me about 1.4 shares.


It was a month of small raises.  KMI and OHI raised both of their dividends by a penny, following a trend.  I am happy that KMI is raising it slowly, I know there is a lot of eagerness for the $2 dividend that was promised after the merger.  However, the market is a little rough and it seems prudent to be more patient.  I expect both of these companies to continue raising by at least a penny over the next 3 quarters.

O raised their dividend by 3%, this was the largest raise since 2013.

NSC raised their dividend by 3.5% (2 pennies).  I would expect them to potentially raise it once more this year.

Dividends Earned

I earned a total of $330.77, which is 37% higher than last January ($241.09).

$330.77 of $5750 (5.7% accomplished)

Forward Dividends

At the start of the month, my 12 month forward dividend was $4761.37 and ended up at $5103.66.  My future income is 45% higher than this time last year.  Which is great YoY, but growth like that won’t last.

My goal is to increase this to $6100 (increase of ~1339).  I am 342.28 of 1339 or 25% of the way there.

Fitness Goals

I have run at least a mile every day in January (or up to this posting).  Feeling great.  Weightlifting is on schedule, my first lifting cycle is complete and I am in an active recovery till February 2nd, when cycle 2 will commence.


January just hummed along.  No hiccups, I didn’t get any large raises, but all the companies who raised will most likely raise again before the end of the year.

Disclaimer: Long KMI, OHI, NSC, DLR, O,  XOM, CVX, EMR, UL

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6 Responses to January Highlights

  1. Nice update, ILG. Looks like Jan was a pretty good month for you. I enjoyed about four dividend increases as well – three of which you’ve mentioned – KMI, O and OHI (the other one being CNI). I hope KMI can get to $2 dividend…but since the energy industry is in rough waters, I wonder if they can make that amount. Even if they dont, I am happy with the small incremental raises coming each quarter.

    EMR sounds interesting and I am reading up more on them and learning about the company/industry. Its really hard to pick between PH and EMR…in the end, I might have to buy both.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and best wishes for Feb and the rest of the year
    Roadmap2Retire recently posted…Recent SellMy Profile

    • ILG says:

      Thanks for stopping by R2R! I agree with you on KMI, last thing I want is for them to be too aggressive and endanger the dividend.

      Take a look at EMR, I haven’t studied PH, but just from the summary I just read, they look like business right up my alley.

      CNI gave a nice raise this year! NSC is one of my holdings, I like railroads and should look into CNI as well!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. M says:

    This is really fantastic man, well done on those awesome REITS but also well done especially for running 1 mile+ so frequently, because that is harder to accomplish!

    I too, am wanting to do more exercise with my stationary bike in my loft this year.

    M recently posted…Are Stocks Cheap Right Now?My Profile

    • ILG says:

      Hi M!

      Thanks for stopping by! REITs have been on a solid upward trajectory for a year. I wish I would have added more to my REIT positions at the start of last year!

      I like stationary bikes! You can do some very good workouts with them in a short period of time. I hate treadmills, but find it easier to sit on a stationary bike.

      Take care!

  3. DivGuy says:

    Congrats on holding to your goals! You seem on the right path to success. Mine are coming along well too!
    DivGuy recently posted…What Has Been Done After 1 Month of Great Resolutions?My Profile