2014 Year in Review and onward

Howdy all!  Well the year is coming to a close, with the final trading day of the year under way.  I have had a good year, here’s a recap.

Income Progress

This year I ended up slightly over 4k in dividends, which was a large increase over 2300 from 2013 and 1000 from 2012.  I am hoping to end 2015 with 6k forward dividends and over 5200 in income.

Dividend raises happened in all of the stocks in my portfolio.  The average dividend increase was 7.7% based on weight.  This is right around the target of 8%, so I am happy with my asset allocation.  I will probably look to add to positions that average 6-8 with a decent yield in the next year.

Blogging Lessons

I have had the blog for almost a year starting in February.  I have enjoyed it, but have found that it isn’t necessarily for me.  Or maybe it is just tracking my portfolio through a blog that isn’t appealing for me.  The posts where I wrote about something other than a stock was more enjoyable than the buy or monthly updates.  So maybe a blog with rambling thoughts and poor grammar is something for me =)

I have enjoyed interacting with like minded people and appreciate all the commentary provided by others.

Going forward

Well, I am not sure where things are going from here. I have about a month left before I need to re-up the website, so I have some time to think.  However, I am leaning towards stopping for several reasons:

  1. I work on the computer all day long and have been spending too much time on it at home
  2. Working long hours for the foreseeable future (ties into 1 and 3)
  3. I want to spend more time outside (even in the winter)
  4. I want to learn new physical skills (home maintenance/repair, electrical plumbing)
    1. As an aside, my Grandpa knew how to fix most things around the house.
  5. Side- hustle as a Math/Computer Science Tutor/Personal Trainer
    1. I think I want to be a Teacher once my Software Career is over, this will be a good step.

I think the biggest reason of all is that I am fairly tired of focusing so much on finances.

Financial Independence?

Many bloggers I read are building towards this state.  A state where they can do what they want all the time and live through passive income.  There is nothing wrong with this, that is where my Grandpa ended up upon retirement.  Living off dividends, but he had quite the full life prior to that even while working.  He traveled all over the word repeatedly and did what he wanted.  He was also a Professor, so maybe he had the best of both worlds (work + lots of vacation)

I would love to be at this state, but I don’t know when I will want to be there. Practically, it won’t be for a while because I don’t have enough passive income.  Supposing I was able to at this moment, I don’t think I would do it.

Next year budgeting

I plan on capping my savings for the next year, increasing my budget and spending (or saving) money as I go. I am not going to set any sort of goal with regards to saving. Savings will be purely automated into my brokerage accounts, which I will still spend some time monitoring and investing(on no fixed schedule, I was investing monthly).


Thanks for reading, I appreciate the comments and reading.  Take care!

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4 Responses to 2014 Year in Review and onward

  1. DivHut says:

    I hope you continue with the blog. I understand your position of wanted time away from a screen but I do enjoy our DI community very much and the posts people write. Believe me, we read. Instead of a total abandon perhaps you blog just once a week? Or twice a month? Just enough to keep it “fresh” and alive without killing it. Have a great new year. Thanks for all you do.
    DivHut recently posted…These Stocks Are No Dividend LemonsMy Profile

    • ILG says:

      Thanks DivHut! I appreciate your comment and encouragement! I am thinking about what exactly to do.

      Take care!

  2. Figuring out what to do with the blog is going to be tough… after a couple of hiatuses myself over the last couple of years due to life circumstances, I can understand the weight of feeling like you need to respond, write, or generate some level of activity. It can be tiring. Either way, you’ve introduced some new concepts and a level of thinking (some of your discussions in comparing to your Grandfather especially), that have been fascinating over the last year.
    writing2reality recently posted…Trades – December No-Cost Dividend Growth Portfolio PurchasesMy Profile

    • ILG says:

      Thanks for stopping by W2R! I agree with regards to maintaining some sort of activity.

      I appreciate your kind words!