Recent buys of the last few weeks

Wow… October is almost coming to a close and I have been busy. I meant to have this out a few days ago, but my parents surprised me by coming out to visit! So my weekend plans changed on a dime. I had a great time and it was worth deviating from my usual routine.  Work has been nuts.

I haven’t been able to comment as much as I would like, but I thank you all for stopping by! I’m still lurking.

Goal almost made!

I had been training for a half marathon and it took place last weekend as well. I ran a very good race and ended up a few seconds short of my goal of under 1:30:00 ( I ran 1:30:01!) How about that. I don’t feel bad about it at all.  I beat my previous Personal Record (PR) by 4:39, which is crazy and I averaged under 7 minute miles for the entire race.  Both are pretty fantastic accomplishments.


Mr. Market has been kind during October, I was very active at the beginning of the month.  After a few weeks, I found chose a few other positions to add and initiate.  Here’s how the last few weeks went for me.

Company Shares Income ($)
AFL 20 29.6
BP 25 59
MAT 4.1951 6.38
MCD .2739 .93
UL 3.7062 5.63

For a total of $101.54 to my yearly income. I have had a great month. I am glad that I had some time to do a little research to determine that BP would fit into my portfolio nicely and that I got to add to my AFL stake.

Going forward

I have continued to add to my Loyal3 account with weekly purchases and I do not expect that to stop this week.  I will make another purchase in a few days.  A few potential opportunities have opened up in both KO and MCD, but others still exist with UL and MAT.  I will see what I feel like, maybe even buy a little more than usual. (Loyal3 purchases come out of my budget).

I should have enough funds by the end of the week/early next week for another purchase through both dividends and capital infusions.   I have my eyes on a few companies to add to my portfolio. Foremost on my mind is IBM and WTR.   I have adopted the DGI strategy, but consider myself a seeker of value.  IBM seems to be presenting me an opportunity for with both respects (BP does as well).  Enough for tonight!

Take care!

Did you find an opportunity in the market over the last few weeks?

Disclaimer: Long AFL, BP, MAT, MCD, UL, KO, MCD

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6 Responses to Recent buys of the last few weeks

  1. ILG,

    Nice buys here. BP offers a really interesting risk/reward relationship, but I can’t imagine that it really goes much lower from here. In the meantime, that dividend is awfully attractive.

    I like the AFL purchase as well. A lot of value there. I haven’t added to my stake in some time now, simply out of the need to diversify. But I’m happy holding. We should receive a nice dividend raise here pretty soon. 🙂

    Best wishes!
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…She Said Yes!My Profile

    • ILG says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you on both AFL and BP. I added a few shares since I am a little light in the financial sector. And AFL just gave us a nice 5.4% raise, right along what I had been expecting. Happy Ownership!

      Take care!

  2. DivHut says:

    All great purchases above. Anytime Mr. Market decides to put some items on sale it’s best to jump on board and take advantage. I have been averaging down on my TD and BNS and still might make another purchase before October is officially over. Thanks for sharing your recent buys.
    DivHut recently posted…Open Fire On These Dividend StocksMy Profile

    • ILG says:

      Hi Divhut! I have been looking into Canadian banks off and on over the last few years. Each time I am able to purchase, I end up finding something that interests me more. However, I want a little more Financial sector exposure, so once work goes down I’ll be able to look into the various banks.

      Take care!

  3. Congrats on adding another $100 to your income stream! Some great stocks there….best wishes
    Roadmap2Retire recently posted…Bank of Nova Scotia Dividend Stock AnalysisMy Profile

    • ILG says:

      Thanks R2R slowly but surely! Nice to have the chance to take advantage of some of Mr. Markets Mayhem.

      Take care!