Recent Purchases: Sept 9th to 18th

It has been a fairly active investment cycle over the last couple weeks.  I finally acquired enough cash in my investment account through dividends and additional contributions to buy another position.   Here are my trades over the last few weeks.


Each week on Thursday I try to make several small buys in the range of 25-50, depending on where I am budget wise for the week.  The goal is to invest 50$ at a minimum.  So I have been able to do this consistently over the last few weeks.    I place my trades Thursday evening and they execute on Monday.  It is always nice to start the week off increasing my dividend income!  Lets see what I bought


WMT : .3263 shares @ 76.6
MAT: .7139 shares @ 35.02


UL: .5726 @ 43.66
K : .3924 @ 63.71

9/16/2014 Bonus!

This last purchase was possible due to dividends I have collected in the account since my last order.  The 25$ went to…

DPS: .395 @ 63.16

Small purchases, but they will make a difference over time.  Even though my funds aren’t accumulating as fast as I would like right now, being able to buy a little each week is good to do.

For the remainder of the year, I will invest as little as 100 per week.

A full purchase of…

General Mills (GIS). I bought 20 shares at 51.22 yesterday.  I like GIS here and had wanted to increase my position (as I have been doing with others over the last few months).  General Mills is struggling a bit, but through signing new deals (Yoplait with MCD), buying other businesses (Annie’s Homegrown) and cost cutting measures,  I think they will continue to do what they have been.  Maybe a few rocky quarters, but over the long haul I am happy with their prospects as well as their financials.

A random opportunity…

I recently purchased a house and placed a sizable amount of money in the House account to cover about six months worth of interest, principal and insurance.  This account has an interest rate of about “ridiculously terrible”.  I was loosing out to inflation by probably 3%.   About 2 weeks ago, I received an email inviting me to open a CD with a 5% APY (Or 4.88% interest).  After pondering this opportunity, I chose to use half of my funds in the house account to fund the CD.  There is not really a downside to this for me.  Worst case, I have to break the CD and loose some interest and best case I make 4.5% more interested over the life of the CD vs keeping it in a savings account.  Now, I suppose your wondering how long did I have to commit to in order to get a rate like that?  Well, the answer may surprise you, the life of the CD is only 1 year!

This is a good opportunity because I wasn’t going to invest the money anyway, it is still in an insured product and beats out on the interest of the savings account.

Back to being busy

Well my few weeks of not working a lot are over.  I will probably be working somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 hours per week.  The bright side is that I will be giving myself a 50% pay raise over the next three months!  My plan is to direct most of the additional funds to investments.  Fortunately, getting a little bit larger pay check doesn’t encourage me to spend more!

Take care!

Disclaimer:  Long GIS, MCD, DPS, K, UL, WMT, MAT.

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5 Responses to Recent Purchases: Sept 9th to 18th

  1. DivHut says:

    Great buys on your end via L3. I added GIS and UL this week as well along with some AFL. I have to ask which back offered you a 1 year CD at ~5%? Thanks for sharing your recent buys with us. Look forward to the next purchase(s).

    • ILG says:

      Thanks DivHut! Pretty solid buys yourself! I like L3 for sure. I keep eyeing AFL for an additional purchase. It is one of the few financial stocks I feel I have enough of a hang on to feel comfortable owning it.

      Take care!

  2. Wow, 5% on a 1-year CD? That is incredible given the interest rate market right now… A loss leader for sure.

    I like the buys, and share some with you. Early this month I picked up some MAT and MCD and am close to getting those Loyal3 positions up to $1,000 apiece. I should also be able to make my first dividend only purchase this month as well. Pretty exciting to see the accounts grow and materialize into something that can turn over on itself quarterly.

    • ILG says:

      Yep, it was a surprise to me. I read all the details and it seemed like a pretty standard CD, just with a larger rate.

      Yeah, I want MAT (K too) to at least be 1% of my portfolio, so I will probably be investing in that at a minimum of every other week. Maybe sooner! MCD is right around where I want it, so I will probably throw a few buck here and there into that. I think both are pretty good values right now.

      L3 really makes investing in small increments, which makes me feel like I am getting somewhere!

      Take care!

  3. Morrigan says:

    I think we all want to know what bank that is!