May Portfolio Highlights

Well, as I saw in April, this was a seesaw month, where nothing really happened.  It seems that all news is good or bad depending on the day! The month was quiet all around.  Not much action on my part and not many increases.  I suppose all things considered, that is nothing to complain about.

The only thing that has been going crazy is Buyouts, Spinoffs and Acquisitions.   A few of note:

  • As mention previously, SBSI is buying another bank called OMNI American.  A bank with a presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  • LO appears to be on the verge of merging/getting bought by Reynolds.
  • ATT wants to buy Direct TV.
  • ARCP was going to spinoff a part of the business, then sold it to another buyer and bought the Red Lobster properties.
  • BAX has announced it is going to split itself into two in 2015 (news from April).
  • Buffet has been rumored to be interested in making a big deal. Some speculation has included K and WEC.

Lots of action, should be an interesting few years


Last year I received $120.20 in dividends.  This year I increased that by over 100% and ended with $248.72.  That is great, I would love to see this big of a jump next year, but that doesn’t look like it will be the case.  I am investing slowly and even if I invested every dollar that I could, my yearly total would raise by about 1k (at an average yield of 3%).

You can see my Progress page for additional information.

Dividend Increases

It was a slow  month for dividend increases:

  • Bax : 6.1%
  • SBSI : 5%

Raises I am happy with.  Of course, SBSI also gave me some shares, so the total dividend increase for the position is higher than 5%.

New Positions

No new positions this month.

Added Positions

I did not add much cash:

  • New Cash: TGT, MAT MCD,  SBSI, UL

No positions drip with the exception of OHI.

Going forward I want to add at least 100 dollars out of my budget to my positions in the Loyal3 account.  I am not going to worry that much about valuations because the cash will be small amounts and this is basically a drip.  However, I will not be adding any to INTC until they raise the dividend again.

Dividend Decreases





I have been pretty busy and have not had much time for research and the market is boring me right now.  I will probably be slow over the next few months, which works out because I have some home improvement and trips to take!

Over the next twelve months I expect to receive at least $4021.37.  This is an increase of about $50 from last month and I broke 4k!

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned, with the exception of RAI and DirectTV

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6 Responses to May Portfolio Highlights

  1. ILG,

    Another solid month. Little activity, but that’s what’s great about dividend growth investing: Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing. Just collect the dividends and patiently wait for the opportunity strike. In the meantime, you’re still growing your wealth. 🙂

    Best wishes!

    • ILG says:

      Thanks DM!

      Yeah! It is nice to be able to step away and not think about your investments! It’s a great feeling and much different than it used to be.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Take care!

  2. CI says:

    A lot of deals are being made right now indeed. Nice little month there. 250 bucks for doing nothing? Count me in!

    • ILG says:

      Yep! I didn’t intend to spread my dividends out so evenly, but it look likes I should get at least 250 each month! For doing nothing!

      Take care!

  3. DivHut says:

    Thanks for sharing. Watch your dividends increase year over year without adding any new cash. The fun of compounding. I do think SBSI is an interesting stock to own with a nice current yield.

    • ILG says:

      Yeah, it nice to be able to step away from your portfolio and not have to worry about the state of the businesses you own.

      I agree about SBSI. They are fortunate to be a “local” company in an area of the country that is growing quickly.

      Take care!