April Portfolio Highlights

April was another month of backwards and forwards.  I am pleased to say that my portfolio went down less on down days and seemed to actually go up in some cases.  This is good to see, I think this has to do with a “flight to quality” and I feel like all of my companies match this criteria.

I haven’t been writing or commenting as much, I recently purchased a house and have spent the last 20 days being a domestic worker bee.  Turns out my project ideas are rather time consuming.  I want to get my energy bill down and I believe I can make it into a game!  So that will probably take up some of my time.

I spent the time I could looking over my portfolio and decided that any cash I used this month was going to be invested in my portfolio companies.  I have already done the research and there are several positions I wanted to build out a little more.

I annouced my purchases of DPS,TGT and PG.  In the closing days of April, I made another purchase of ARCP .  I doubled my position and feel that my REITs are well represented in my portfolio.  ARCP is the kind of REIT I like.  A triple, long term leasing structure with plenty of physical assets and a variety of high quality tenants.   I would like to add more to O, but not at the moment.


Last year I received $200.02 in dividends.  This year I increased that by almost 25% and ended with $247.27.  The first month of the quarter is usually my lowest, only higher numbers per month for the rest of the quarter!

You can see my Progress page for additional information.

Dividend Increases

It was a pretty good month for dividend increases:

  • CVX : 7%
  • JNJ : 6.1%
  • KMI : 2% (another quarterly raise for 1 cent. About 4% so far this year)
  • OHI: 2% (quarterly raise. 2 cents so far).
  • PG : 6.7%
  • XOM: 9.5%

Strong raises all around.  KMI and OHI have raised for the second time this year.  I am pretty happy with all of these raises.  Ideally I would like to have my average weight adjusted raise around 8%.  With 21 of 43 companies raising dividends so far this year, I feel like I will be able to meet that goal because several (KMI, OHI, WEC) will raise their dividends at least once more.

New Positions

No new positions this month.

Added Positions

I did not add much cash:

  • New Cash: ARCP, DPS, PG, TGT
  • Drip: O, PM, KO, SYY

I have changed most of my positions in my Roth account to no longer drip.  There are a couple choice positions that I feel are undervalued, but large enough in my portfolio that I do not want to add cash, so I will drip them still.

There will be a few positions that were dripped next month due to the timing of my change and lag before it takes effect.

Dividend Decreases





A busy month playing around with my house!  I am very pleased with my stocks performance and will hopefully find some bargains over the next month!

Over the next twelve months I expect to receive at least $3972.28.  This is an increase of $157 from last month.  Almost to 4k!

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned.

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10 Responses to April Portfolio Highlights

  1. ILG,

    Very successful month there! Nice purchases, and your dividend income was fantastic. I didn’t earn much more than you during the month of April.

    And congrats on hitting almost $4k in forward dividend income. I think once you start getting to that $4k-$5k in dividend income mark the snowball starts to really accelerate!

    Best wishes.

    • ILG says:

      Thanks for stopping by DM! Little by little my snowball keeps rolling down the hill!

      Looking forward to the acceleration!

      Take care!

  2. DivHut says:

    Great stuff and nice to see other online portfolios generating all that cash though some of the portfolios seem a bit too aggressive for my taste. Your stock picks seem to have a nice balance of conservative plays with some high yield flyers thrown in the mix. Looking good!

    • ILG says:

      Thanks! I try to balance risk vs reward. I used to own the mREITs with 10+ yields and had trouble sleeping. However, I am comfortable with the results of my research that I do not feel like any of these positions have high yields based on a bad situation. None of the positions I own at the moment make me feel that way, so I just have to monitor each for negative developments!

      Thanks for stopping by DH!

  3. Congrats on making some great progress! I look forward to see how you reduce your energy costs. As you know, I bought a solar system, but there’s many other ways you can just conserve what you use.

    • ILG says:

      Thanks Brent! I have a few ideas in the works. Fortunately, the previous owners were also energy conscious and so a few of the expensive ways to save energy (tankless water heater, blown insulation) are already done. So I need to get a little more clever =)

      A solar system is something that interests me and I will hopefully get someone to see if one would be possible for my home in the next few months.

      Take care!

  4. CI says:

    Almost to $4,000, excellent work!

    Just like you, I’m still trying to minimize fixed expenses. Next up: internet bill!

    • ILG says:

      Thanks CI!

      I hate my internet bill as well. It is around $50, but I haven’t had much luck finding anything cheaper.

      Good luck, let me know how you go about doing it!

  5. ILG,

    Congratulations on the 25% increase, keep up the good work. ARCP is well represented in my portfolio for many of the same reasons. The fact that it is a monthly dividend payer does not hurt as well. I like that it is an aggressive REIT that is focus on growing while maintaining its current yield. KMI is another company I recently invested in and I have been very happy so far.

    Again, keep up the good work. Good luck with the energy bill, from my experiences you are fighting a losing battle.

    Bert, One of the dividend diplomats

    • ILG says:

      Thanks Bert! I agree with KMI, they are doing pretty well. I will need to let the portfolio grow a bit before I add more, but I am happy so far with the overall business.

      Yeah, I have a feeling the key to fighting the energy bill is just not using it =)

      Take care!