March Portfolio Highlights

This month was rather tame.  There was a little bit of everything.  Lets see!

The market had its share of ups and downs, but for all the volatility it didn’t move very much by the end of the month.  This is good, but at the same time it would be nice for prices to come down a bit.  One of my weaknesses is trying to determine which is a better investment at the current time.  This is something I am working on and will need to get better at.

I didn’t look into to many stocks for investment purposes and made some very small additions.  I plan on looking at more in the future, but I am unsure what exactly to add.  I feel like I need a another utility, materials,  and healthcare.  These are rich fields, but I am having a hard time getting motivated to do some research.  I tend to get this way when the market goes up and then I get heavily motivated to research/buy as the market is going down.

Next month, my plan is to add an additional position or two from one of the sectors that is currently under represented.


There was some interesting portfolio news this month:

  • Microsoft finally released a version of Office for the Ipad.  They linked it to their Office 365 service.  I was hoping for a standalone product (there is an option), we will see how this works out.
  • Baxter has decided to split their business in two in 2015. One in biopharmaceuticals and another for everything else. This is interesting, I will have to wait and get more details.
  • Wisconsin Energy is rumored to be a potential purchase for Warren Buffer after some comments he made in his letter to shareholders.  Lets hope not!


Last year I received $220.62 in dividends.  This year I increased that by almost 100% and ended with $440.56.  The third month of each quarter is my highest month.  The month this is over $400 will be a great milestone!  Its great to increase my monthly total by 100% year over year, but I was in a major transition last year and will not increase as much going forward.

I have also added a Progress page for my dividend income.  Fast progress from last year to this year, but it will slow down from here on out.

Dividend Increases

There were only two raises this month:

  • APD : 8.5%
  • O : .2 %

I am pleased with the raise from APD, I like to see raises above my desired amount of 8%.  I am not worried about O’s small raise, I don’t think they are done for the year.

New Positions

I purchased 20 shares of General Mills (GIS).  I will write a quick blurb about them in a few days.  It’s hard to be motivated to sit inside when the weather is nice!

Added Positions

I did not add much cash:

  • New Cash: GIS, CVX(1/3 of purchase)
  • Cash from sale: CVX (2/3), KMI

All of my positions in my Roth are dripped because I can only add funds once per year and the dividends in the Roth accumulate too slowly.  Once they accumulate faster, then I will collect them and reinvest strategically.

Dividend Decreases



I sold OKS this month.  I wasn’t planning on it, but after doing my taxes and the associated paperwork that this caused, I decided I didn’t want to mess with the K-1 over the long haul.  I replaced it with an addition to my CVX and KMI positions.  After making these purchases, I am still down about $30 from where I would have been otherwise.  Fortunately, the game is long and I can recover over time.


A rather uneventful month for the most part. I am happy for this, but would still like to have some openings into my positions and add a few additional ones for diversity.

Over the next twelve months I expect to receive at least $3814.94.  This is an increase of $47 from last month.

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned (except OKS).


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4 Responses to March Portfolio Highlights

  1. ILG, great month (can’t tell if you hit $385.24 or $440.56 – above vs. progress page), but either way, that is a sweet YOY increase. Obviously, the pure percentage growth might not be able to keep up, but consistent investing will grow those dollars pretty quickly.

    I can feel your frustration with OKS myself. I’ve got a limit order out on my position and will eliminate it at some point this year to simplify my tax situation going forward. The tax limits on at PTP just aren’t worth it at this point.

    • ILG says:

      Thanks for the catch writing2reality! I wrote the post prior to the end of the month and missed a spot =).

      Yep either gain is great yoy! Would be great if things continued, but that is okay.

      I like OKS and was disappointed to sell it, but I don’t want have to deal with the tax issues. Probably not the best reason to sell, but ah well.


  2. Looks like a pretty solid month. I can relate with it being demotivating to research when the markets seems to climb higher every day. Even though I know that’s when I should take my attention away from the markets and research as much as possible for when the dip comes, psychologically it’s hard to get over that hump. I’m really hoping to get a chance to add to JNJ and I might have to jump in front of the dividend increase if the price comes down a bit. Great job with the YoY increase in dividends and keep up the good work!

    • ILG says:

      Thank you! I am pretty happy with my progress so far.

      I was looking at trying to get in JNJ not to long ago and feel the same way you did about it. That lead me to looking around and I ended up buying Baxter. Sometimes an overpriced security will open a new road for you.

      Healthcare isn’t my forte, so trying to dig around for another one will take some time for me :0

      Happy hunting! Hopefully you’ll get a shot at JNJ!